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New Year’s Resolutions Are For Losers

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

An article I recently read on Forbes.com, provides that new years resolutions to be healthier, richer or career goals are a waste of time because most people do not follow-through on the resolutions. The article states that,

"... less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them."

Why can't we follow-through on resolutions that we make the first of the year? Much like clicking the refresh button

on a website to ensure you are viewing the latest version of a site. The new years is an opportunity for each of us to refresh. People are looking to improve the current

version of themself. They hit the refresh button of life, resolving to seek new opportunities, get healthier, to start doing this, to stop doing that, to try new things, etc...

Some people will want to travel, many will want to be healthier, others will want to strive for work life balance and many others will set goals to help them on their career path. Unfortunately, the majority of people who make resolutions do not follow through😳

The Forbes.com article entitled, "New Year’s Resolutions Are For Losers — Take These 4 Steps Instead" went on to advise its readers to forget saving money, stop trying to lose weight and my personal favorite:😮

"A desire to be healthier and richer are certainly great goals, but knowing that over three-quarters of those who embark on these goals are going to fail, what’s a person to do?"

I encourage you to join the millions of people who will be making resolutions this year and every year. WHY NOT? I make personal and career new years resolutions annually and review them annually on my birthday, in June.

This year my resolution is to start blogging.

Happy New Years to you and your family.

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