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I miss socializing and shopping but well before Covid_19, I was particular about where I spend my money. For instance, I like shopping at @Macy's because their stores are always clean, inside and out; including their very clean restrooms. Active and Visual Cleanliness will be the key to doing business and staying in business after COVID.

In a consult with Au'drea of Crystal Soundbody I explained that returning to life after COVID will be scary for both consumers and businesses but I believe the key a business's success will depend on not only having a clean outlet but have ongoing active and visual cleaning.

One-Stop Opinion:

Visibly follow the *CDC workplace guidelines:

  • PPE

  • Promote healthy hygiene

  • Intensify cleaning

  • Disinfect surfaces

  • Promote social distancing

*For more information see CDC workplace guidelines:

The first bullet is obvious, ensuring that your staff is wearing a face mask. I am simply saying, let your customers see you actively following the CDC guidelines by disinfecting the counters after each customer, having someone responsible for wiping down and disinfecting baskets, bathrooms, shelves, etc. throughout the day.

I have visited a couple of stores recently that have one-way arrows down the isles, other stores that have social distancing taped to the floor, and shields between the customer and staff when checking out.

I believe it is a great idea to create or revise your safety procedures and train or retrain your employees accordingly. Good luck on your return to work and remember we are all in this together.

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