Grant-Writing Services

Six-month to a year agreements available.

  • Agreement to research funding opportunities.

  • Write competitive grant proposals. 

  • Participate in debriefs with foundations on rejected proposals.

  • Build long-term relationships with foundations following a successful proposal.

Needs Assessment

Review nonprofit agency for gaps, complete an assessment of data collection, identify service gaps and make suggestions.

Program Development Assistance

Help clients develop programs to close gaps found

Funding Searches

Research private and public sector grantmakers to identify potential funding sources for clients

Nonprofit Letters of Inquiry (LOI)

We will submit a two or three-page letter to introduce the clients program and the funding amount the client is requesting

Foundation Grant Proposal

1SMS will complete your organization's proposal requesting funding from a specified foundation.

Pre-submission peer review

1SMS will review and grade your proposal for funding prior before you submit for award.

Federal Grant Applications

1SMS will complete a federal grant application your organization.

State Grant Applications

1SMS will complete a state grant application your organization.

IRS 501(C)(3) Applications

1SMS will prepare your IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exemption application and represent it while under IRS review. 

Request for proposal

1SMS will respond to request for proposal on your businesses behalf.

Nonprofit grant proposal

1SMS will write your nonprofit proposal request for funding.

Proposal Critique Review

1SMS will review your proposal and provide a summary of your proposal's strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions for improvement, provide recommendations for revisions and helpful hints that will help your company's proposal better.

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